What can Marilyn do for you?

Regardless of what has brought you here, Marilyn Shannon embodies a unique combination of experiences and insights to offer help and guidance in a variety of ways.

In an Advocacy role, Marilyn works and partners with organizations to help the overlooked, underserved, or ignored groups in our society be heard, supported, and better understood.

At your events, Marilyn will deliver motivational presentations which engage, inspire, educate and entertain your audience. Marilyn’s custom-designed presentations are energetic, informational, interactive, and practical.

As a coach, Marilyn will help you become more aware of the problems in your career, relationships and personal life. Marilyn helps her clients overcome these problems by nurturing authenticity, self-discovery, and personal transformation.

In her Business & Personal Development workshops, Marilyn will inspire your teams to communicate by beginning a dialogue which enables your team to reach its full potential. Marilyn Shannon Training Program participants learn how to balance and integrate various professional styles of communicating by improving their listening skills, relationship management, vision, and results.

With her books, Marilyn will encourage you to see the people around you in a new light. Her In Just One Afternoon book series provides a collection of stories and insights that can be read quickly and will change your life.

Marilyn is dazzling, engaging, and full of intriguing messages so your audiences will leave you feeling inspired and ready to have a life full of results.
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Marilyn works with individuals or corporations. She encourages results, self-discovery and visions by helping her client become more aware of and responsible for their actions and reactions while enjoying their life every step of the way.
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In Just One Afternoon is a series of intimate stories that gives a voice to groups of individuals and will fill your heart with love and compassion. The books are easy to read and very enjoyable.

In Just One Afternoon

In her “In Just One Afternoon: Listening Into the Hearts of…” book series, Marilyn explores a specific group of people and how their lives, relationships, stories and more can be applied to all of us. Her goal is to provide a collection of stories and insights that can be read quickly and change your life.

In Just One Afternoon: Listening Into the Hearts of People Impacted by Opioid Addiction

In Just One Afternoon: Listening Into the Hearts of Millennials

In Just One Afternoon: Listening Into the Hearts of Men

In Just One Afternoon: Listening Into the Hearts of People Impacted by Opioid Addiction


Steven G.

Marilyn is the real deal. Genuine and down to earth. Very honest and helpful in every step of the way. I’ve been to other counselor’s who think they are good and give you the same text book story lines with no results. Marilyn helps you search your soul to get to the root cause of…

Program Participant

Thank you for taking the risk of offering this non-traditional approach.

Program Participant

Best program I have attended in awhile

Pam Andes
United Pest Management, Inc.

Marilyn, Last month we made the most money we’ve ever made!  Working together is not always easy, you helped us to look at things differently. Consider new opportunities and to try some different things.  It worked!  It was a tough month but a great month!

Nancy Bolts
CEO, BOLTS Creative Communications

Marilyn has been my business and life coach for over three years. She has contributed enormously to the growth and success of my business, while enabling me to maintain the balance, personal happiness and well being of my family, friendships and other important alliances. Marilyn is creative, intuitive, informed, supportive and extremely intelligent, in addition…

Megan Cutter
Co-Author, Ink in the Wheels: Stories to Make Love Roll

The ripple effect of being guests on Breaking Free is still being felt. Barton is now coaching a young man from Australia, who heard Breaking Free, a clip of the video was posted on an inter-national inclusive campaign, and several personal friendships were made with other guests on Marilyn’s show.
Marilyn’s dedication to create world change by telling, exploring and learning from each one of our stories is contagious. She challenges others to break down assumptions, and her vibrant spirit benefits each and everyone of us.”

The Breaking Free Show

On The Breaking Free Show, Marilyn interviews inspiring people, and covers a wide range of topics, from life and spirituality to business and entrepreneurship.

You can watch the show live each Monday at 1:00 PM ET on nissancommunications.com, or find an archive of past episodes on Marilyn Shannon’s Youtube Channel.

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